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      He could feel her trembling and quivering; and he drew her closer to him. A mans pity for a lovely girl helpless and in pain passes description. At that moment he would have laid down his life for herwould have said, done anything.The duke laughed again unabashed.

      Esmeralda has got a headache, and is sitting with the duke in the west arbor, and Lady Ada has gone for a ride with Traff and Selvaine.

      Well, not exactly, said Norman; but he is a swell. There are not many dukes, you see, and the dukedom is a particularly old oneI mean, that the title goes a long way backand the duke himself is an old man.


      He looks likelike one of the men who serve in the shops, said Esmeralda, calmly.



      Thursday morning, replied the clerk. As he spoke he turned over the passengers list mechanically.