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      CHARLES IX. AND PHILLIP II. * The Jesuits were afterwards told by Hurons, captive among

      On the third of August, Laudonniere, perturbed and oppressed, was walking on the hill, when, looking seaward, he saw a sight that sent a thrill through his exhausted frame. A great ship was standing towards the river's mouth. Then another came in sight, and another, and another. He despatched a messenger with the tidings to the fort below. The languid forms of his sick and despairing men rose and danced for joy, and voices shrill with weakness joined in wild laughter and acclamation, insomuch, he says, "that one would have thought them to bee out of their wittes."

      found the old chapel still standing, and a new one, muchIn this focus of trained and organized savagery, where ferocity was cultivated as a virtue, and every emotion of pity stifled as unworthy of a man; where ancient rites, customs, and traditions were held with the tenacity of a people who joined the extreme of wildness with the extreme of conservatism,here burned the council fire of the five confederate tribes; and here, in time of need, were gathered their bravest and their wisest to debate high questions of policy and war.

      The town of Ossossan, or Rochelle, stood, as we have seen, on the borders of Lake Huron, at the skirts of a gloomy wilderness of pine. Thither, in May, 1637, repaired Father Pijart, to found, in this, one of the largest of the Huron towns, the new mission of the Immaculate Conception. [1] The Indians had promised Brbeuf to build a house for the black-robes, and Pijart found the work in progress. There were at this time about fifty dwellings in the town, each containing eight or ten families. The quadrangular fort already alluded to had now been completed by the Indians, under the instruction of the priests. [2] *** Edit de Cration du Conseil Suprieur de Quebec.

      "I thought you were men; I thought you would hold fast to your word: but I find you children, without truth. You call yourselves my friends, yet you break faith with me. Still I would not incommode you; and if you cannot give me four canoes, two will Serve."[11] Dablon, Relation, 1672, 24.

      In what we know of Joliet, there is nothing that reveals any salient or distinctive trait of character, any especial breadth of view or boldness of design. He appears to have been simply a merchant, intelligent, well educated, courageous, hardy, and enterprising. Though he had renounced the priesthood, he retained his partiality for the Jesuits; and it is more than probable that their influence had aided not a little to determine Talon's choice. One of their [Pg 59] number, Jacques Marquette, was chosen to accompany him.

      Miscou ? Tadoussac ? Journeys of De Quen ? Druilletes ? His Winter with the Montagnais ? Influence of the Missions ? The Abenaquis ? Druilletes on the Kennebec ? His Embassy to Boston ? Gibbons ? Dudley ? Bradford ? Eliot ? Endicott ? French and Puritan Colonization ? Failure of Druilletes's Embassy ? New Regulations ? New-Year's Day at Quebec. * Marie de lIncarnation, Lettre, Sept., 1661.



      The humble abb was next transported into the terrestrial paradise of Monsieur de Bernires. It is thus that I call, as it is fitting to call it, that famous Hermitage of Caen, where the seraphic author of the Christian Interior (Bernires) transformed into angels all those who had the happiness to be the companions of his solitude and of his spiritual exercises. It was there that, during four years, the fervent abb drank the living and abounding waters of grace which have since flowed so benignly over this land of Canada. In this celestial abode his ordinary occupations were prayer, mortification, instruction of the poor, and spiritual readings or conferences; his recreations were to labor in the hospitals, wait upon the sick and poor, make their beds, dress their wounds, and aid them in their most repulsive needs. *


      The climate is delightful, and summer reigns throughout the year. The plains are full of birds and animals of all kinds, among which are many parrots and monkeys, besides the wild cattle, with humps like camels, which these people use as beasts of burden.