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      "I must get that man away from here without delay," said the Deacon. "The influences here are awful. They'll ruin him. He'll lose his soul if he stays here. I'll start home with him to-morrow."

      They came to another fence with a barred opening, and climbing over found themselves in a road.

      "Soon there was a complete bust-up of the Riever establishment. Nell sued him for divorce. She had cause enough God knows. His affairs were notorious. He set up a countersuit and produced a letter in court that Nell had written to some unnamed man. Ernest had intercepted it. Well this letter was published and I knew by internal evidence that it was ... well you know ... it had been written to me. A man hates to tell these things about himself! Poor girl! Just a foolish impulse no doubt, that she regretted as soon as she had given away to it! Anyhow the letter was thrown out and she got her divorce with thumping alimony."

      "That's Gen. Rosecrans," said one of the guards to Deacon Klegg.

      The Best Way After All 045

      "I s'pose that means they eats up Corporals!" said Si.Deacon Klegg sank back in the seat dumfounded. "What on airth kin he mean?" he gasped.181


      "I brought it with me, thank you," said Pen, indicating the valise."Then it was just spite," said Pen.


      WITH a tin roof, a real door, a glazed window and a plank floor, Si and Shorty's house was by far the most aristocratic in the cantonment of the 200th Ind., if not the entire Winter quarters of the Army of the Cumberland. A marble mansion, with all the modern improvements, could not more proudly overshadow all its neighbors than it did.


      Bye and bye she put up the bars mechanically, and started to walk along the road with a dazed air. She could not take in what had happened. Dusk was falling. In a couple of hundred yards a figure stepped out from the shadow of the bordering growth."I take it as a matter of course ... Shouldn't I?"