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      Whoever and whatever he is, Sandy mused, he knows how to lift a crate out of the sand."Talk to the Lieutenant, there," said the Captain, moving off. "He will attend to you."

      much better man than you would be if you was not fiting for"O, for the love o' God, Mister, don't shoot me," yelled Bushrod, whirling around, with uplifted arms. "I'm too wicked to die, an' I've got a fambly dependin' on me."

      When the train pulled into Nashville that night a very tired old farmer got off and inquired:

      "They'll fit better if they dry on us," remarked Shorty. "And I'm afraid we'll warp, splinter and check if we are exposed to this sun any longer after all the soakin' we've bin havin' for the past 10 days."All but Shorty obeyed with alacrity, and stacked their guns with the quickness of old and hungry vet erans.

      I see one of the emeralds

      wanted to make sure that my letter reached the right men,Si's attention had been in the meanwhile attracted to some boxes concealed under the beds, and his curiosity was aroused as to what such unusual things in a cabin might contain.


      "Nothing," answered the Surgeon, smashing an insect on the back of his hand, "except to issue a stringent order that the men must take special care of their feet and hands."Co. Q was advanced to picket the north bank of the river, but the moment it reached the top of the hill overlooking the stream it had to deploy as skirmishers, and Enfield bullets began to sing viciously about its ears.


      Just a little closer to their position, should have been the spot where the clever miscreant might have abandoned the boat.


      Without thinking the men threw the bow in so close that Shorty could clutch it with his long hand. The grab shook the ticklish craft, so that the man with the revolver could scarcely keep his feet."Bite their ears, you fools. Don't you know nothin' about mules? Bite their ears, I tell you," shouted a man from Indianapolis.