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      "But, but, Miss Anna!" protested Hilary. "Why, Miss Anna--"[218]

      It was the dukes habit to sleep with the door partly open; it was so open to-night. An irresistible longing to look once more upon the old man who loved her took possession of her. She could not beat it down, and softly pushing the door open, she entered the room.

      I beg your pardon. Since I left Three Star Camp, of course, I hadnt heard of you. How should I?XXVIII THE CUP OF TANTALUS

      They walked round to Grosvenor Square, talking together like old friends and comrades. Norman had no end of adventures by flood and field to relate, but he said nothing of Three Star or Esmeralda Howard. For one thing, he did not want to thrust his disappointment upon Traffords joy.


      It was to Three Star, to her old friends, to the guardian of whom she always spoke so gratefully and lovingly, that Esmeralda had gone!


      But he was sorry, a moment afterward, that he had allowed the question to escape him, for Varley looked as if he had been struck.


      She laughed discordantly. The laugh struck him like the cut[238] of a whip. He stood looking at her, his breath coming fast and thickly; then, with set lips, he walked to the door. With his hand upon the handle, he looked over his shoulder at hera long and lingering look in which a mans agony was expressed. Then he went out and the door closed upon him.